The Mediterranean eating style has many health benefits that help to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. The diet can help with reduce the risk certain diseases of the heart as well as blood pressure, maintain health blood sugar. But the diet also has many food groups and beverage choices which can help to increase energy.

The reason why this style of eating is so beneficial to energy is the first and most reason obvious change from other diets and switching to a diet that has a higher emphasis onĀ  healthier fats from nuts and olive oil as well as fish oils that are not as prevalent in other eating styles. The other reason is for the large amounts of fruits and vegetables that the diet allows. this in of it self has a significant effect on health with the addition of healthy fats and more vitamins and minerals are lacking in most diets. In addition to the fat and vegetables sources the primary energy source for the body is carbs which supply glycogen to the muscles that is stored in the muscles and liver or burned for energy. The Mediterranean diet contains more whole and healthy options of carb sources such as legumes, sugars from fruits are more efficiently burned to supply energy to the body.

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The part of the Bdiet is the choice of beverages that are prominent in the diet. The choices include water which is the keystone of any eating style and also wine in moderation. These include white and red wine but more so red wine. The red wine contains some FITO nutrients that contain anti oxidant properties that help the body burn brown body fat. This is when it is being drank a few time a week and not in excessive amounts which can have an opposite effect and be less health for the body. Another beverage that can be drank on the diet are teas. These contains different types of teas including dark leaf teas and green teas which have been shown to boost metablism.One of the best teas for increasing energy is mitragyna speciosa tea the leaf of this tea is sometimes used for energy and pain relief. The more common name for this tea is known as kratom tea which is a leaf that is similar to green tea and green coffee that is used in Malaysia for energy. This tea is generally made from extract from the leaf or more commonly from a ground powdered form of the leaf that is then placed in hot water to extract the alkaloids and micro nutrients in the plant that support energy.